Jul 18

New Museum Block Party in the Chinatown Area on July 20, 2013

New Museum Block Party

Taking place in the Chinatown Area
Sara D. Roosevelt Park : Chrystie Street between Delancey and Broome Street in the Chinatown Area

Look below for a map detailing the location of this event.

July 20, 2013
12:00 – 5:00 pm

Join the New Museum for the annual Block Party in Sara D. Roosevelt Park! Spend the afternoon participating in interactive projects and performances inspired by current exhibitions and Museum programs. Afterwards, head over to the New Museum to participate in family-friendly tours of our current exhibitions: “LLYN FOULKES,” “Ellen Gallagher: Don’t Axe Me,” “Erika Vogt: Stranger Debris Roll Roll Roll,” and “XFR STN.”

The New Museum Block Party is free and open to the public. All Block Party guests will receive complimentary admission to the New Museum. Free interactive public tours for all ages will be offered at the New Museum.


DIY BAT – Using collected images and texts from the Bowery Artist Tribute, create your own magazine exploring the history of the Bowery from the stories of artists and creators who have lived in this constantly evolving neighborhood.

Creature Trading Cards – Inspired by the exhibition “Ellen Gallagher: Don’t Axe Me,” discover the mysteries of the ocean depths and create your own underwater sea creature trading cards.

Our New York – Learn about how your friends, neighbors, and other guests came to join the New Museum Block Party. How far did they come? Did they take the train or walk? What is their favorite food? Have they been to Block Party before? Discover a bit about other Block Party guests through mapping, surveys, and other collaborative projects.

Telephone XFR Drawing – What happens when you copy something? Is the copy the same or different from the original? Find out how an image can change when it is copied again and again through this collaborative drawing project inspired by the exhibition “XFRSTN.”

Postcard America – An influential yet under-recognized artist, Llyn Foulkes has been exploring ideas and images of his ideal America for more than fifty years through postcard-styled paintings of the American West. Inspired by the exhibition “LLYNFOULKES,” create your own vision of an ideal American landscape and create a postcard to send home.

Fake Weight – Are things always as they appear? Can a sculpture be a drawing? Can an anchor be weightless? Contemplate these questions and create a kinetic sculpture inspired by the exhibition “Erika Vogt: Stranger Debris Roll Roll Roll.”


AUNTS is Dance (organized 2005) is an apparatus for collective engagement through performance: A group of self-selecting artists occupy the same space at the same time and present different things, highlighting chance operations between different choreographies and different artist practices, while also celebrating the capital that is community in the world of performance. auntsisdance.com