Mar 25

10th Annual Dance Parade and Festival – 2016

10th Annual Dance Parade and Festival

Taking place on Saturday, May 21, 2016

Participants will gather at and around 22nd and 21st Streets between Park Avenue and Fifth Avenue. 05-17-Dance-Parade-0689

The parade itself will start off at 1:00 pm and work it’s way down Broadway and onto University Place. At East 8th Street the parade will turn east and continue in that direction through St. Marks to its final destination at Tompkins Square Park where a massive dance celebration on numerous stages will take place.

Yours truly has been to this parade and it’s an enormous treat. At this parade you’ll bear witness to dance styles of all sorts from Salsa, Waltz and Tango to ethnic performances from all around the world. Perhaps you’ll more enjoy the Korean, Bolivian, Thai or Indian performances? Or maybe it’ll be those from European countries or Asian ones? Maybe you’ll just fall head over heels for the Reggae, Hip Hop, or Classical styles of music. Regardless of what turns you on this parade will have it all and it’s truly a joy to behold. It runs for quite some time through the day and the celebration at Tompkins Square Park is something onto itself.

To learn more about this grand celebration head over to the official site.